Shetland MF Meeting Reports 2018

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9th October 2019

Meeting Reports 2018

January 2018 meeting report, please click here

March 2018 meeting report, please click here

June 2018 meeting report, please click here.

August 2018 meeting report, please click here.

October 2018 meeting report, please click  here.

December 2018 meeting report, please click  here.

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In December the topics included looking to the future and succession planning with  Derek Hanton from SAC Consulting. Margi Campbell from Saffrey Champness covered the practical side of tax and accounting. Karis Stevenson gave presentations on footrot in sheep including a studies done on Shetland.


The October meeting focussed on the suckler cow nutrition  and reproduction with Derek Hanton from SAC who discussed how to ration the cows at Bigton. Rod McKenzie outlined the value of EBVs for ram selection and demonstrated  ram inspections that should be done pre tupping or when purchasing rams. Kirsty and Amiee gave an update on the farm since the last meeting. 


Continuing with the grassland  theme, the monitor farm meeting on 25th August 2018 was hosted by Jamie Leslie. Michael Blanche  gave a presentation on the benefits of rotational grazing management. Jamie gave the group a review of his grazing system and they also heard all about the barley trials ongoing at Bigton. 


Despite the sunny weather across much of Scotland the Shetland Monitor Farm ninth meeting had to be postponed for a day as the key speaker, Trevor Cook was fog bound in Edinburgh airport! The meeting on sunday 3rd June included a Bigton farm update from Kirsty Budge and  presentations on using pastures profitability  and  maximising ewe performance  from Trevor Cook. 


In March the meeting included a presentation from Gary Mitchell and an animal health planning update. Kirsty and Amiee gave an update on the farm since the previous meeting. Graham Fraser and Eric Graham led a discussion on finishing lambs and the Shetland lamb initiative. It was also great to hear that one of the NSA next generation Ambassadors not only comes from Scotland but lives and works on Shetland. The group heard from Zoey Symington (the youngest of this years NSA next generation ambassadors about her experience  to date and her plans over the coming year.


The meeting in January 2018 was held off farm . Firstly  at Kergoed farm to see the growing and  finishing cattle  of  G.B. and A.M. Anderson and at Shetland mart and abattoir  for a  'live to dead' session for both sheep and cattle . The meeting included a session on lamb finishing  and nutrition from Poppy Frater.