North Ayrshire MF Meeting Reports 2017

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8th October 2019

Meeting Reports 2017

May 2017 meeting report, please click here

July 2017 meeting report, please click  here.

September 2017 meeting report, please click here

December 2017 meeting report, please click here.


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At the sixth meeting in December the community group were hosted by Craig Bryson  and his family to see their  cattle finishing enterprise. Topics covered included ventilation in housing both in principle and at Girtridge,  pneumonia in cattle and cattle rationing.


At the fourth and fifth  meetings in September  the group had the chance to assess a selection of lambs and  steers for their readiness  for market.   Farmers estimated the weights and carcase grades and at a later meeting  were able to view the beef carcases and see how close their estimates were to the actual grades. The gross margins of the beef enterprises were discussed and can be seen here.


At the third North Ayrshire Monitor Farm meeting on 6th July the Carbon footprint for the farm was scrutinised and revealed how improvements in carbon footprint also resulted in improvements in profitablity. Soil and grazing management at Girtridge were highlighted in a presentation by Michael Blanche


Livestock health and handling systems were two of the topics up for discussion at the meeting.  Recommendations for cattle handling systems were outlined and key points for health and safety highlighted. Cropping plans and farm information were also shared at the meeting.