South Ayrshire Monitor Farm

A total of 1770 acres are farmed by John and Allison Andrew in partnership with son David. Rowanston comprises 320 acres of owned land, with an additional 100 acres of neighbouring land rented annually. The 1350 acre hill farm of Blair lies 3 miles away and is rented on an MLDT from Kilkerran Estate. 

Livestock consists of 150 hill suckler cows with replacements homebred and all progeny finished on farm. Approximately another 200 store cattle are bought in for finishing each year. There are 1000 breeding ewes in total with 550 hill ewes and 450 lowground. 

About 100 acres of feed crops are grown comprising winter and spring barley, spring oats, wholecrop spring wheat, swedes and fodder beet. Silage chopping, combining, drilling, spraying, hedge cutting and umbilical slurry spreading are carried out by contractor. All other operations are done by the Andrew family and their one full time employee. 


  • About the Farm

    “Agriculture is going through challenging times with spiralling input costs” says John. “It is important to build a sustainable yet profitable business going forward, and we hope the Monitor Farm programme can help us achieve this.”  

    “This last season we have been reasonably successful in growing good crops of grass with a lot less fertiliser by making better use of slurry and having clover rich swards which is an area we would like to concentrate on along with soil health.”  

    “We also look forward to making use of new technologies and fine tuning cattle and sheep diets to make our business more efficient and share results with other farmers. If at the end of the programme we have developed a business with an improved carbon footprint while still producing quality Scotch produce which leaves us a good profit for doing so then the whole experience will have been a great success” 

  • South Ayrshire Monitor Farm - 1st Meeting

    The first meeting for the South Ayrshire Monitor Farm is taking place on 30th November at Rowanston Farm.

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Meeting Reports

  • November 2022 Launch Meeting Report

  • June 2023 Summer Meeting Report

    Topics Sheep Handling Systems - Cammy Wilson. Red Clover - Paddy Jack DFL. Grazing Management - Rhidian Jones.

  • February 2024 Fodder Beet Visit Report

    The South Ayrshire Management Group visited Tom Shearlaw to see his dry dairy cows wintering on fodder beet.

  • February 2024 Farm Software Report

    Matt Blyth meet David Andrew via Zoom to support with farm software choice and integration with existing tech on farm.

  • February 2024 Winter Meeting Report

    Around 55 members of the farming community attended the meeting.  We looked at three key areas: Managing sheep lameness Feeding fodder crops in Winter Electronic weighing and recording



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