• About Savock Farms

    Host Farmers – Andrew Booth
    Farm Name– Savock Farm
    Region- Aberdeenshire

    Farm size / hectares – 300ha owned/ 200ha rented
    1200ha Contract Farmed

    Farm types / classification– Arable Grade 3

    Enterprises – Arable, AD plant (feedstock provider), Renewables (biomass boilers), Gluten Free Oat Processing and Commercial Property

    What is grown – W Wheat, S Barley, WOSR, W Rye, S Triticale, S Oats, W Oats, Rotational Grass (2yrs) Red Clover, Permanent Grass,

    Number of employees / people working on farm:
    4 FT Farm
    1 Admin
    3-4 Seasonal
    2 working Partners

    What years were you involved in the previous Monitor Farm Project? 2011 – 2015
    What did you gain from being a previous Monitor Farmer ? Acceleration of our Business eg 10 yrs progress in 5yrs

    What has been the biggest change you have made to your enterprise due to the Monitor Farm Project? – Increased Contract Farming area which has opened other doors for the business eg AD

    What are you looking forward to achieving as part of the Monitor Farm Legacy Project? – Stimulate relevant discussions with like minded farmers

    Link to farm Facebook/Instagram page
    Savockfarms -FB & Intsa
    @farmerbooth – twitter

  • Quality Meat Scotland Podcast

    The Monitor Farm Legacy project has revisited 6 previous Monitor Farmers to look at what has changed since their involvement in the project. Andrew Booth of Savock Farm, Aberdeenshire was a monitor farmer from 2011 to 2015. Peter Chapman of South Redbog Farm, Strichen was chairman of the Monitor Farm community group. Listen now to hear how the Monitor Farm impacted not only Andrew’s business but the wider community group during and after the initial project. Click here to listen.

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