Kate and Ed Rowell run the hill unit near Peebles with their four children.

They run the 750 hectare Hundleshope farm on the Haystoun Estate, where the family have been tenants for 150 years.

  • Quality Meat Scotland Podcast –  Season 6, Episode 3 

    The Monitor Farm programme provides an environment for farmers to try new ideas and concepts and evaluate how they affect the livestock and the wider business. Back in 2012 as Monitor Farmers, Kate and Ed Rowell were involved in a study to change the feeding of pregnant ewes in the run up to lambing time. They used a more natural diet of good quality silage and added protein in the last few weeks of pregnancy. The trial compared soya to a protected soya product named Sopralin. The key to this feeding regime is good quality silage as Poppy Frater, sheep and grassland specialist at SAC Consulting, explains. The Monitor Farm Legacy project revisited this project and incorporated a new by product of rapeseed oil named Neolac. Listen now to hear how the trial was carried out and the results.  Click here to listen

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  • Sustainable Sheep Feeding Trial at Hundleshope

  • Sustainable Grazing Systems at Hundleshope



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