Deeside Monitor Farm

Meikle Maldron, in the north east of Scotland, is run by Duncan and Claire Morrison who moved to the farm in 2016. 

In total, Duncan and Claire farm 248ha across three farms as a wholly suckler enterprise with 250 suckler cows and heifers going to the bull in 2024, comprising commercial Aberdeen Angus and Pedigree Aberdeen Angus and Stabilisers. They own 150 and lease a herd of 100 stabiliser cows.  Most stabiliser bull calves are finished, some breeding heifers are sold at 12-14 months and the rest are sold as stores. Duncan and Claire bull around 50 heifers each year. The Morrison’s grow 15ha of arable silage and 8ha of kale. 

  • About the Farm

    Through the Monitor Farm Programme Duncan hopes to develop the young business so it’s more resilient, with improved cash flow and profitability. He would like to expand while phasing out his fencing business. If more land comes available locally, it could be an opportunity to farm 100% of the time.  

    “The Monitor Farm Programme will provide a platform for discussion and a way of developing the business,” he says. 

    “I’m outgoing and work better with others so I’m looking forward to bouncing ideas around, and it’ll be nice to meet people too.” 

    Duncan would like to develop the breeding stock business with more bulls and heifers sold. Adding sheep to the farm would hopefully improve cash flow and improve grazing management and weed control.  

  • Duncan Morrison

    “Both my wife and I are relatively new to sheep so having support through the Monitor Farm Programme will stop us from making costly mistakes and help us do a better job. 

    “I’ve seen other Monitor Farms go on to be successful businesses.  I’m hoping we will be more profitable and resilient as a result of being part of the programme.” 

Meeting Reports

  • December 2022 Meeting Report

    Low Costs are Key to the Future of Farming & First Impressions



  • June 2023 Meeting Report

    The Right Beasts for the Right Farm at the Summer Open Meet

  • Soil Special Report

    Meikle Maldron Soil analysis Soil type, texture and structure Measuring and monitoring soil health

  • Bull Beef Enterprise Report

    Bull Beef Finished vs Stirks Sold Store. A report and comparison for the Deeside Monitor Farmer.

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