Host Farmers      Robbie Newlands

Farm Name         Cluny Farm

Region                 Morayshire


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Season 6, Episode 4 – Monitor Farm Legacy- Robbie Newlands and Kirsten Williams
Fodder beet has becoming increasingly popular for outwintering livestock. Robbie Newlands of Cluny Farm, outwinters his cows and this year for the first time will be finishing lambs on fodder beet. Kirsten Williams, beef and sheep specialist at SAC Consulting, has been involved in a number of trials for growing the crop across the country. Listen now to hear Robbie’s experience and some tips for growing fodder beet including optimal growing conditions and how to transition stock onto the crop. Click here to listen
  • Farm size / hectares        462ha (1,140ac)

     Farm types / classification

    Upland tenant farming unit

    Spring-calving suckler herd with intensively finished bulls and heifers

    Upland ewe flock with all lambs finished

    Majority of the land is within MacAulay land class: 4.1


    At Cluny the farm enterprises encircle red meat production with all grassland, cereals (65ha) and forage crops (10ha) grown on the farm being fed to various classes of the beef herd and sheep flock.  All livestock born on the farm are sold as prime stock, with all herd and flock replacements and sires being purchased annually.

    The 170 cross-cow spring-calving suckler herd is outwintered on forage crops and stubbles, with only enough space available indoors for calving pens, when required.  All cattle are finished intensively on-farm, with the bulls and heifers being fed the same ration, on average finishing at 400kgDW and 315kgDW respectively.

    The breeding flock consists of 700 North-of-England Mule ewes, which are crossed to continental sires to produce finished lambs.  The aim is to finish lambs straight off the ewe at weaning and remaining lambs are finished on forage crops and cereals.



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