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Rob, Tom, Rory & Alison Stodart

Maximising your use of machinery and technology will be the focus of the next Angus Monitor Meeting on Thursday 13 December.

Peter Eccles and Bill Gray from Lothians Monitor farm

Innovation through collaboration with researchers will be the main focus at the upcoming Lothians Monitor Farm meeting on Wednesday 12 December.

Laura, Iain & Jemma Green - Morayshire

The sometimes thorny subject of succession planning will be the focus of the next Morayshire Monitor Farm meeting on Tuesday 4 December.

(l-r) Aimee & Kirsty Budge

The next Shetland monitor farm meeting on Sunday 2nd December will encourage farmers and crofters to plan for the future.

The next Nithsdale Monitor Farm meeting on Thursday 29 November will focus on how to get the most from suckler beef production and will be held at Glenkiln Estate, Crocketford by kind permission of Sir Henry Keswick.

John Howie from Girtidge Farm

The next North Ayrshire Monitor farm meeting on Friday 16 November will focus on livestock health and nutrition. At the meeting, which will be held at Girtridge Farm, Dundonald, a line-up of animal health and nutrition experts will lead discussions about the control of a range of diseases often seen at this time of the year, including pneumonia and lung worm in cattle and liver fluke in sheep.

Stuart, Lesley and Robert Mitchell from Whitriggs Farm

The next meeting of the Borders Monitor farm on Wednesday 7th November will focus on the important, but sometimes sensitive, subject planning for the future, including succession.

Peter Eccles & Bill Gray from Lothians Monitor Farm

Farmers attending the next Lothians Monitor Farm meeting, hosted by Bill Gray and Peter Eccles, on Wednesday 17 October will find out how the farms’ cereals and livestock have performed over the long, hot summer.