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Bull fertility will be among the key topics discussed at the forthcoming meeting of the Borders Monitor Farm on 22 August.

A deeper look at soil profile and improving drainage will be the main topics of discussion at the next meeting of the North Ayrshire Monitor Farm on Wednesday 15 August.

Livestock farmers are being urged to take steps now to make the most of feed stocks and limit the effects of the exceptionally dry conditions on farm.

Donald Macdonald from Taldale Farm, Thurso

The opportunities for farmers to use technology to increase efficiency will be the focus of the next Sutherland Monitor Farm meeting on Wednesday 25th July.

Peter Eccles and Bill Gray from Lothians Monitor farm

Lothians Monitor Farm will form closer partnerships with research institutes James Hutton and Moredun over the next eighteen months.

Rob, Tom, Rory and Alison Stodart

At the Angus Monitor Farm Open Day on 15 July the Stodart family will discuss how far they have come, and where they want to be by the end of the project.

The next Nithsdale Monitor farm meeting on Thursday 19 July will focus on how technology can be used to increase efficiency on livestock farms.

Andrew and Aileen Marchant, who farm at Clonhie Farm, Penpont near Lockerbie, run 900 breeding ewes, a small herd of 20 Luing cattle and have recently invested in 100 deer hinds on their 300-hectare upland tenanted farm.

Like many other farm businesses across Scotland, the Marchants rely almost entirely on family labour, so are keen to see how technology can help save time and money.

The importance of benchmarking will be emphasised at the coming Morayshire Monitor Farm meeting on Tuesday 10 July.

Past monitor farmer Steven Sanderson, who farms 330 acres on  Orkney, will join the community group at Corskie Farm to share his experiences after he completed a Nuffield Scholarship on benchmarking in beef farming.