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The Marchant family from Clonhie Farm

The Marchant family, who run Clonhie Farm, the Nithsdale Monitor farm, near Thornhill, are looking forward to welcoming visitors to their farm for LEAF Open Farm Sunday on 9 June.

The Stodarts from Angus Monitor Farm

Two upcoming monitor farm meetings will dig deeper into soil health for the arable sector. The subject will be scrutinised at an arable-focused meeting at Lothians monitor farm on Thursday 23 May, as well as an Angus monitor farm meeting the following day.

Peter Eccles from Saughland Farm

Technograzing will the focus of a livestock-centred meeting of the Lothians monitor farm on Tuesday 21 May.

The Mitchells at Whitriggs Farm

The opportunities of using technology and data to support farming businesses, as well as career opportunities for the next generation of farmers, will be discussed at the next Borders Monitor farm meeting on Wednesday 22 May.

Michael Shannon

The next Nithsdale Monitor farm meeting will look at options for grassland and forage to help feed grazing livestock throughout the year.

Laura, Iain & Jemma Green from Corskie Farm

The upcoming meeting at Morayshire Monitor Farm will focus on how best to manage your grass in dry conditions.


The Mitchells from Whitriggs Farm

As well as a series of farm management improvements, some of the biggest changes made by a Borders family in their role as monitor farmers, have emerged from a personality profiling exercise.

Saughland Ewes on Fodder Beet

A key aspect of the Monitor Farm programme is finding ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs and Peter Eccles at Saughland Farm in Midlothian is delighted that establishing a fodder beet crop to feed his 2,000 ewe flock has done just that.