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Laura Green inspects the soil from Corskie farm

Morayshire monitor farmers Iain, Laura and Jemma Green revealed the results of their #soilmyundies experiment at a meeting for local farmers recently. The Greens are one of the latest to join the #soilmyundies craze, where farmers bury 100 per cent cotton underpants in different parts of the farm, to start discussions on the activity of soil biology.

Kirsty & Aimee Budge at the beginning of the #soilmyundies experiment

The next meeting of the Shetland Monitor Farm on Saturday 2 December will focus on soil health.

Craig Bryson

Farmers attending the next meeting of the North Ayrshire Monitor Farm will be given an insight into the management of the 300-head beef finishing enterprise run by Craig Bryson.

Mr Bryson, who is chairman of the monitor farm management group, will host the meeting on Friday 1 December on his own Gowanbank Farm at Newmilns and will give an overview of the priorities in the cattle business which he runs with his family.

Robert, Lesley and Stuart Mitchell

The Mitchell family who run the Borders Monitor Farm are considering a range of options, including switching to organic production, to drive profitability in their business.

The next monitor farm meeting on Wednesday 22 November will have the theme of “Assessing Opportunities” and provide an opportunity for farmers attending to consider different options which could potentially improve their margins.

Chris Cameron

The exceptionally wet summer is posing a real winter challenge for livestock farmers round the country with straw and quality winter forage in short supply. The steps farmers can take to manage their cattle through the winter, in light of these additional challenges, will be top of the agenda at the next Lochaber Monitor Farm meeting on Thursday 16 November.

(l-r) Colin Mair from Farmstock Scotland and Jim Gibb from AK Stoddart

Producing cattle and sheep which meet market specifications will be more important than ever in the post-Brexit era, farmers heard at the recent North Ayrshire Monitor Farm meeting. This was the message from speakers at the meeting held at Girtridge Farm, near Dundonald, which was attended by over 80 livestock farmers.

Laura, Jemma and Iain Green from Corskie Farm

It might be Halloween, but the attendees of the upcoming Morayshire Monitor Farm meeting on Tuesday 31 October will be unearthing undies, rather than donning costumes!

At the meeting, which is focused on soil management, monitor farmer Iain Green will reveal how the cotton underpants buried way back in September have fared using the theory that the worse the condition of the pants, the better the condition of the soil.

Lothians Monitor Farm Community Group

Livestock and arable farmers can both gain from collaboration but it’s a fine balance to ensure both parties benefit.

That was the key message at the recent Lothians Monitor Farm meeting, where Farm Managers Bill Gray and Peter Eccles are developing a closer collaboration on their neighbouring farms.