Sutherland MF Meeting Reports 2019

Last modified: 
6th September 2019

In July the Nina Clancy of RSABI highlighted what they could offer to farmers and shared the five ways to well being. Michael Blanche discussed autumn grazing management and its importance to spring grass yield and quality. The GrasscheckGB project linked well into this as two Sutherland community group members are GrasscheckGB Pilot farms with this week's bulletin distributed. Vic and Jason gave a farm update and demonstrated the value of some of the innovation projects in progress. Meeting report is here


At the June meeting attendees had the chance to hear from Trevor Cook as he highlighted the benefits of managed grazing and discussed parasite control including anthelmintic resistance. The meeting report is here and includes links to further information.

In March Bob Simpson shared his experience of collaborative ventures with the meeting. Kev Bevan from SAC outlined the implications for profitability of the scenarios suggested by the community group at an earlier meeting. SAC budgeting tools are available  on the FAS website and an example from Clynelish is here..  Vic and Jason gave a farm update. The meeting report is here


The first meeting of the year at Sutherland featured James Bretherton of Agscope Ltd. discussing  soil management including structure, health and analysis and running a soil clinic.   The meeting report is here.