Sutherland MF Meeting Reports 2017

Last modified: 
21st January 2019


The Sutherland Monitor Farm meeting in December 2017 looked at the opportunities for the livestock sector in transformational technologies including remote sensing of grassland and use of boluses to feedback information on livestock like rumen pH or temperature. Please click here for the meeting report

Innovations specialist Stephen Burns from the Agricultural Engineering Precision Innovation (Agri-EPI) Centre gave a presentation on the Agri-EPI Centre  established to drive growth and support innovative ideas to help farmers and business owners become more profitable and sustainable.


Please click here for the  report from the Sutherland Monitor Farm meeting in September 2017 where the main topic discussed was rotational grazing with New Zealand consultant Trevor Cook.

Please click here for the July meeting  report for the Sutherland Monitor Farm. At this event Robert Parker the reigning Scotch Beef Farmer of the year talked through his award winning system at Drumdow, Stranraer and Stuart Ashworth from QMS gave a presentation of the sheep market outlook.

Please click here for the June 2017 meeting report where cattle herd fertility was discussed. The results from the calf weaning questionaire given to the community group were  also shared.

Please click here for the Sutherland Monitor Farm meeting report of the event in June 2017 where herd fertility, cattle wintering options and cattle weaning weaning techniques were discussed.

The meeting report for March 2017 can be found here