North Ayrshire MF Meeting Reports 2019

Last modified: 
1st August 2019

In June the focus of the meeting was ongrassland management and  rotational grazing including the grass mixtures trial results. There was a review of the barley cropping with Richard Bray of Agrovista. The growth rates and kill data of the cattle were discussed . The meeting report is here.

In February Girtridge Monitor Farm held their second open meeting of the project. This covered cattle handling, soils, grassland and sheep breeding. The meeting report is here.

The January meeting started at Girtridge with community group members travelling through snow. John Howie showed the group the improvements to the ventilation in the cubicle shed and to the cattle handling system. John also gave an update on the Girtridge sheep flock performance.  and information on the breed types and sales. Karen Stewart discussed  cattle performance and rationing to and gave tips to improve production efficiency. Gavin Hill reviewed the Girtidge cattle enterprise and gave an update on the state of the beef industry. The meeting report is here.