Nithsdale MF Meeting Reports 2019

Last modified: 
27th March 2020

Meeting Reports 2019

February 2019 meeting report, please here.

May 2019 meeting report, please click  here.

June 2019 meeting report, please click here.

July 2019 meeting report, please click here

September 2019 meeting report, please click here

November 2019 meeting report, please click here

Final meeting report, please click here


Associated Links and Presentations


Attendees heard from Sandra Stewart of Farming & Conservation about integrating farming and conservation and from Charley and Andrea Walker from Barnside Farm about their journey with rotational grazing and mindset change. Charley Walker's presentation can  be found here


In June the Marchant family invited the public on to the farm as part of Open Farm Sunday where over 400 people enjoyed finding out more about farming at Clonhie. 


On May 17th Nithsdale opened its doors to a meeting focussed on forage utilisation. Michael Shannon of Damn Delicious outlined his grazing systems at Thankerton farm and how he strives to grow and graze efficiently. Using Clonhie as an example, Emily Grant highlighted the potential of a software package 'Farmax' to help with planning ahead and making management decisions like fertiliser application sale or purchase of stock to maximise profitability The handout from the meeting is here.


The first 2019  meeting in February saw Sion Williams from Bowhill Farming give an insight to farming system he manages