Nithsdale MF Meeting Reports 2017

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8th October 2019

Meeting Reports 2017

March 2017  meeting report, please here.

May 2017  meeting report, please here..

October 2017  meeting report, please click here

December 2017 meeting report, please click here.

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At the 6th Nithsdale Monitor Farm  Meeting on the 7th December, Gavin Hill  of SAC Consulting presented an update for the cattle industry. Andrew Marchant gave an update on Clonhie  since the last meeting. Rhidian outlined how to assess forage stocks and how to ration to meet livestock needs based on silage analysis and economic supplementation - crucial this year where silage stocks are low and in some cases of poor quality. 


In October 2017 the Nithsdale Monitor Farm Meeting included a session on preparation for tupping  for ewes and rams, an update on the lamb finishing trial and discussion on lamb marketing all available in a presentation ,


A  review of the sheepmeat market  was presented at the Nithsdale fourth Monitor Farm meeting on 27th July 2017 by QMS Senior Economist Iain MacDonald. 

Dewi Jones outlined the benefits of selecting replacements on the basis of sound performance information and his presentation can be found here.


Lamb trials at Nithsdale  and Grassland Management at Clonhie were key topics at  the 3rd Monitor Farm meeting  on 25th May 2017  with a farm update included. 


Scanning results for the 2017 lambing  were presented at the meeting on 2nd March. The meeting also focussed on nutrition and body condition scoring of the suckler cow and silage analysis.