Morayshire MF Meeting Reports 2019

Last modified: 
8th April 2020

Meeting Reports 2019

February 2019 meeting report, please click  here.

May 2019 meeting report, please click here.

June 2019 meeting report, please click here

July 2019 meeting report, please click here 

October 2019 meeting report, please click here

January 2020 meeting report please click here

Final meeting report, please click here 

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Attendees heard from Joel Williams of Integrated Soils, Canada. Joel looked in-depth at the interaction between roots and the soil and discussed the need to consider plants as the fourth piece of the puzzle for soil health.The presentation can be found here.


The July meeting topics included  an update on grain markets,  and their trends with information from Syngenta on spring  and winter barley varieties. AHDB recommended lists of cereal varieties can be found here. The group travelled over to West Mains, Duffus (one of the farms owned by Messrs Green) to look at Winter Wheat and Spring Barley (Diablo).  


In June the topics included worm and liver fluke control in cattle and sheep. Control strategies and products available for treatment are explained in this booklet and this handout. gives details of liver fluke control.  The Moredun have produced  excellent animations called   war of the  worms and  fight the fluke which explains how to minimse the risk of anthelmintic resistance on farms.  There is also information on the SCOPS  COWS and NADIS websites . Alex Brewster explained the benefits of his diverse grassland system and former grazing group host Louise Urqhart described the rotational grazing system that they have adopted. 


The May 2019 Monitor Farm Meeting focused on plastic recycling options and weed control in grassland. The grassland mixtures trial was visited  to see how the different mixtures were faring in the dry weather. 


The meeting in February included cattle handling and temperament with Simon Turner. Key issues on human safety and designing  cattle handling systems  were highlighted. Sharon Flannigan  of the James Hutton Institute shared the results to date of their findings from a study into Monitor Farms in Scotland.