Morayshire MF Meeting Reports 2018

Last modified: 
8th October 2019

Meeting Reports 2018

February 2018 meeting report, please click  here.

May 2018 meeting report, please click here.

July 2018 meeting report, please click  here

October 2018 meeting report, please click here.

December 2018 meeting report, please click  here.


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In December the Monitor Farm meeting focussed on planning for the future and succession planning with Heather Wildman. 


The October meeting at Corskie farm focussed on the the cattle. This included the 'beef monitor' system that records cattle weights each time that they take a drink. This allows continual updates on liveweight gains at the touch of a button. The group also had a chance to view the bulls at Corskie and discuss their EBVs and bull selection. Despite very dry summer conditions the participants saw a field that had been oversown successfully with white clover.  In the afternoon Harry Henderson from AHDB took the group though the machinery review undertaken at Corskie and a machinery cost calculator for farmers to use at home was demonstrated.  


At the  July  Morayshire Monitor Farm meeting the community group  put together a guidance sheet  to help farmers plan ahead to  manage the challenges presented by this years weather and its affect on grass and crop growth. The attendees also saw how close monitoring of cattle liveweight gains can help management both from a feeding and breeding perspective. A comparision of winter and spring barley varieties was  also discussed. The value of benchmarking was demonstrated as the event and  included scrutinising the farms figures with feedback from the business group.