Lothians MF Meeting Reports- 2017

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17th September 2019

Meeting Reports 2017

May 2017 meeting report, please click here.

July 2017 meeting report, please click here.

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November 2017 meeting report, please click here.

December 2017 meeting report, please click here.

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At the December 2017 meeting Wigtownshire-based dairy farmer Rory Christie led a session on developing closer relationships with the supply chain, drawing on his experience of setting up a producer group with processor Lactalis. Monitor farmers Bill Gray and Peter Eccles  gave an update on progress  at Prestonhall and Saughland Farms.  James Bolesworth from CRM Agri Commodities looked at 'Taking the guesswork out of grain marketing'.  and facilitators Stephen Young and Fergus Younger gave a presentation on  Co-operation and influencing the supply chain .


The November meeting was held on Cuplahills farm in Fife. Stephen Melville from Laurence Gould discussed cover crops and diversification. Farm manager David Aglen from Balbirnie Home farms highlighted the benefits of integrating livestock and arable on his larger scale units.


The arable harvest and livestock performance were reviewed and the details of the collaboration between the two farms were discussed.


Following a market outlook for cereals and soya, the meeting included  grain drying and storage  and a review of the cattle enterprises. 'Fantasy farming' in the afternoon saw the group split and each reviewed options for the future . Collaboration is key to this Monitor farm's activities and the pros and cons for both units for several options were identified.


Lothians Monitor Farm vision (annexe1) Livestock performance figures (annexe2) Paddock grazing plans (annexe 3) Saughland cropping and pollinator project discussions (annexe 4) and a presentation on the technical and financial performance of the livestock and arable businesses (annexe 5)