Lochaber MF Meeting Reports - 2019

Last modified: 
14th April 2020

Meeting Reports 2019

January 2019 meeting report, please click  here

March 2019 meeting report, please click here.

Lochaber Monitor Farm Business group  visit to the Scottish Parliament report here

June  2019 meeting report, please click here.

September 2019 meeting report, please click here

November 2019 meeting report, please click here

Final meeting report, please click here 

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The September 2019 meeting was hosted by John McCauley who has been rotationally grazing for a few years and helped the group to  explore the options for rotational grazing on hill farms with Lorna Galloway. Lorna demonstrated grass measurement and the latest GrasscheckGB bulletin was shared. Tony Waterhouse led a discussion on the role of new technology in upland and hill farming  including an update on virtual fencing and invited feedback from the group on how they might be applied.  


In June the meeting focussed on soil, grassland and weed management


In March, the  Lochaber Monitor Farm Business group organised a visit to the Scottish Parliament to discuss their concerns and the future of farming in Lochaber. 

The March Monitor Farm meeting focussed on Succession Planning with Heather Wildman of Saviour Associates. 


The January 2019 Meeting revealed the results of the lamb finishing trial at Strone Farm with a full report here. Alison Glasgow outlined the benefits of using cattle EBVs when selecting bulls. A session from June Thomson of Shearwell on cattle EID highlighted the options available. The information on the calf performance and sales is here