Borders MF Meeting Reports 2019

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24th May 2020

Meeting Reports 2019

January 2019 meeting report, please click  here.

March 2019 meeting report, please click  here.

May 2019 meeting report, please click here.

July 2019 meeting report, please click here.

December 2019 meeting report, please click here

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Monitor Farm Meeting focussed on soil health and management with James Bretherton. Johnny Williams from Farmstock gave an update on the market for beef and lamb and David Cairns outlined weed control options in grassland. The decision to convert to organic farming  was also discussed. Stuart also gave an update on the farm


The  meeting covered a range of topics including managing techno grazing with Tom Stobart and how he had made  changes to improve his business. David Owen gave an overview of the role of new technology in agriculture including the use of drones. Stuart gave an update on the farm progress since the last meeting. 

Over the course of the Monitor Farm project Cattle Fertility has been a key area -please read more about this in the attached Cattle fertility Theme Report.


The meeting was split between on farm and indoors. Robert Gilchrist discussed silage quality, rationing and options for Whitriggs farm.  Bridget Girvan from MSD highlighted the importance of colostrum #colostrumisgold. George Caldow outlined the key strategies for dealing with Johnes disease.


The meeting focussed on helping the Mitchells to make a decision on re- stocking the farm with sheep. Haig Murray from Dunbia outlined what is needed by the supermarket trade and illustrated the amount of waste from an overfat carcass. Gavin Dick gave an update on the work of Agri Epi and the satelite farms and the community group discussed the opportunities offered by new technology.