Borders MF Meeting Reports 2017

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18th September 2019

Meeting Reports 2017

May 2017 meeting report, please click here

June 2017 meeting report, please click here

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September 2017 meeting report, please click  here.

November 2017 meeting report, please click  here.


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At the sixth meeting on the 22nd November the group explored options for diversification including organic farming with Debs Roberts from Sopa, and deer farming  with John Goffin to complement the existing beef and sheep enterprises. Gross margin analyses and partial budgets  were discussed, and in the farm update silage analyses for the farm this year were shared to guide feeding this winter. 


At the fifth  meeting on 28th September the focus was on pre- tupping management, lamb finishing and Lesley gave a farm update.


At the fourth meeting soil structure and management were highlighted from the depths of a soil pit with Mark Hodgkinson pointing out the importance of understanding soil type and showed the group what good soil structure and drainage looks like. In the afternoon results from the business review were shared with the group and the way forward for the farm was discussed.


At the third Borders  Monitor Farm Meeting in June, the topics featured included  tightening calving patterns, AI in the suckler herd, and a farm update from Lesley Mitchell. 


May 2017 where the focus was on rotational grazing.